20 September 2018
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27 September 2018

Functional Patterns

Functional Patterns


The real concept of training goes far beyond what the fitness industry has taught us in recent decades. Our training goes beyond just trying to improve strength or using equipment to the last cry. We constantly seek to restore the correct and optimal patterns of movement that are the basis of human health. Only in this way the body can be strengthened efficiently. For this reason, we decided to train according to the Functional Patterns method. The principle of Functional Patterns is to restore the interaction of the human body with its nature, that is to restore a balance between what we are and what we do. A balance between us, our body, our health and our environment. The method therefore concentrates on the totality of the person, so during our training, all the dimensions of our body are stimulated: from the general anatomy on the fascial system to neurology. This is the only way to achieve optimal training results.

You will not find and you will not do exercises in which you sit and lift weights without a real intention. With us you will perform exercises that train highly coded and studied movement sequences to stimulate entire muscle chains and not individual muscles. Our method is based on what is most important about movement: human biomechanics. Each person has different requirements and malfunctions, which is why we will develop an individual training plan for you.

Our path is to provide:

  • understanding correct posture and human biomechanics
  • the analysis and efficient correction of incorrect analgesic, postural and structural postures such as hyperlordosis, hypercifosis, scoliosis and ambulatory problems
  • neuromuscular changes by postural correction of the most common dysfunctions